India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) replaces ATM/Debit Cards with QR cards

India Post
Payments Bank (IPPB) replaces ATM/ Debit cards with QR cards:


Post Payments Bank (IPPB) is offering new QR (Quick-Response) cards and does
away with the conventional ATM and debit cards for both cash and cashless
transactions. The new QR cards work on biometric authentication and not on
passwords or PINs.

QR card contains a QR code that is used to identify the account holder through
a smart phone or micro-ATM which will be used by the postman.
the customer identification is done the postman or banking correspondent will
conduct another verification using biometric data. Upon verification, the
customer is paid in cash by the postman. This door step banking service comes
at a cost of Rs.25 per cash transaction.
An important advantage of using
QR cards is the added layer of security through biometrics.

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