One liner Questions and answers for Bank Promotion Exams (Set 2)

One liner Questions and answers for
Bank Promotion Exams (Set 2)

1. Bank retains
possession of goods of the borrower in which of the following – lien, set off,
appropriation: Lien

2. Banker-customer
relationship in standing instruction: Agent and Customer

3. Banks are
required to maintain the secrecy of a customer’s account as per – the Indian
contract Act; Implied obligation; Implied right: implied obligation.

4. Banks begin
in-principle approval of retail loans in 59 minutes under the online lending
platform ‘PSB Loans in 59 Minutes.

5. Basel-based
Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has launched a dollar green bond fund
enabling central banks around the world to invest in “green bonds”.

6. Borrowing
powers of director or board i.e. the extent to which Directors can borrow is
given in: The articles of association

7. Breakeven
Level of sales at which there is no profit no loss

8. Calculate
Debt Equity ratio – Debenture – Rs 200, capital 50; reserves – 80; P& L
account credit balance – Rs. 20: 4: 3 (200 divided by 150).

9. Calculate Net
working capital limit – Total assets 1000; Long Term liabilities 400; Fixed
assets, Intangible assets, and Noncurrent assets (i.e. long-term uses) Rs 350;
What is net working capital: 400- 350= Rs. 50

10. Capital
adequacy related to? CRAR

11. A corporate
debtor may be put into liquidation if the insolvency resolution process fails
or financial creditors decide to wind down and distribute the asses of the
debtor if ____ majority of the creditor’s committee decides to liquidate the
corporate debtor (66%)

12. Sum insured
of Rs 1 lakh for RuPay Non-Premium cardholders and of Rs 2 lakh for RuPay
Premium cardholders and variable higher sums for RuPay Select Cardholders
(accidental death or Permanent Total Disability only) to eligible RuPayCardholders.

13. Profitability
= Net Income/Net Sales *100

14. Cash receipts
or cash payments of more than Rs 10 lakh are reported to FIU on CTR statement
which should be sent to FIU within from the close of the month: 15 days.

15. Cash
Transaction Report (CTR) in respect of cash receipt or cash payment of more than
Rs 10 lac is to be sent to Director – FIU. What is the periodicity of the
report – Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, half yearly: Monthly, within 15
days of the close of the month.

16. CERSAI full
form: Central Registry of Securitization, Asset Reconstruction and Security
Interest of India

17. Certificate
of incorporation is: proof of existence of a company.

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18. Certificate
of incorporation issued by: Registrar of Companies

19. Cheque has
been defined in: Section 6 of N I Act

20. Charge on  immoveable property – Hypothecation

21. Citizen
below 60years is required to fill which forms for non-deduction of tax at
source in case interest credited or likely to be credited on FD in a financial
year is more than Rs 10,000 – 15G/15H/Form 60/Form 61: 15G

22. Consumer
credit, including personal loans but excluding credit card receivables attracts
a risk weight of per cent for capital adequacy purpose? 100%

23. Converting
physical shares to electronic form is called: Dematerialization.

24. Counterfeit
note kept record for year: 3 years

25. Credit in 9
months in a cc account are not sufficient to recover the interest but
outstanding is within DP. What will be the position of account: It becomes

26. CRR is
maintained as per: Sec 42(1) of RBI Act

27. Current
account operated by finance director of a limited company. Cheque signed by him
presented for payment after his death: Cheque should be paid

28. Current
ratio of the firm indicates: Ability of firm to pay current liabilities or
indicates liquidity

29. Debt Service
coverage ratio is used for: Sanction of Term Loans

30. Deferred
Payment guarantee is: Financial Guarantee

31. Deposit
insurance claim is payable by DICGC, in which of the following events? a
winding up of a bank b amalgamation of a bank c reconstruction of a bank d any
of the above

32. Difference
between Deferred payment guarantee and Term Loan: Due to Outlay of Funds

33. Difference
between the import of goods & export of goods: Balance of Trade

34. Documents
executed in India are required to be as per the Indian stamp act/ State Stamp
Act: Stamped

35. DSCR
indicates: Ability of the firm to repay term loan installments

36. Duplicate DD
to be issued in how many days? 14 days from the date of the request

37. Import
regulated by: DGFT (Director General of Foreign trade)

38. FCNR opened
as which type of account: Fixed Deposits

39. In Bimonthly
policy review, RBI does not consider which of the following – Repo Rate, Bank
Rate, Saving Bank rate? Saving Bank deposit rate

40. Finance
against receivables means? FACTORING

41. Find the Odd
one out – Deposit, Advance, Investment, Inflation: Inflation

42. For FD
account depositor appoint nominee. Signature attested by: No attestation

43. For seeking
information under RTI what is not required? Reason for seeking information
not to be disclosed.

44. Frauds of
More than ₹250 million and up to Rs. 500 million: CBI – To be lodged with the Banking
Security and Fraud Cell (BSFC) of CBI (irrespective of the involvement of a
public servant)

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45. Frauds of Rs
10,000 & above but below Rs 0.1 million: State Police; To the local
police station

46. Frauds of Rs
30 million and above and up to ₹250 million: CBI- To be lodged with
Anti-Corruption Branch of CBI (where staff involvement is prima facie evident)
or the Economic Offences Wing of the CBI (where staff involvement is prima facie
not evident)

47. Frauds of
Rs. 0.1 million and above involving outsiders and bank staff: To the State
CID/Economic Offences Wing of the State concerned

48. Full form of
IFSC: Indian Financial System Code

49. Full form of
NIM: Net Interest Margin

50. Full form of
PIN which is used in ATM? Personal Identification Number

51. Full form of
PRAN? Permanent Retirement Account Number

52. Garnishee
Order is issued by and bank is of the Judgement Debtor: Court, Debtor.

53. Generally
interest on current account balances cannot be paid. But it can be paid in
accounts in the name of. Ans – deceased customers

54. Generally,
tenure of external concurrent auditors with a bank shall not be more than years
on continuous basis. Ans – 5 years

55. Guarantee
claim period when period is not mentioned in the bank guarantee document: 3

56. Holiday
period given for repayment of installments in a loan is termed as: Moratorium

57. How many
days’ notice to give for partial freeze account: 6 months

58. How many
members are there in a Joint Liability Group? 4 to 10

59. How much
amount can be deposited in a small account in a financial year? Rs one lac

60. How much
amount can be send abroad by a resident individual under Liberalized Remittance
Scheme? USD 250000 in a financial year

61. How much
amount can be withdrawn from a small account in a month? Rs 10,000

62. How much
currency can be released for business trip abroad: USD 250000 per financial
year (under LRS).

63. How much
Indian Rupees can be taken while visiting Nepal or Bhutan – Rs 10,000; Rs
25000; Rs 50000; Rs 100000; No limit: up to Rs 25000

64. If a Senior
Citizen having deposit with your bank & gets Interest over Rs. 10000 &
do not want to pay tax in that case which form he/she has to submit? 15H

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65. If
Counterfeit notes up to ______ are detected in one deposit, no FIR to be lodged
but consolidated report to be sent to police at the end of the month: 4

66. If in a
cheque, amount in words and figures differ, which amount should be paid? Amount
in words

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