One liner Questions and Answers for Bank Promotion Exams (Set 3)

 One liner Questions and Answers for
Bank Promotion Exams (Set 3)

1. In a Bimonthly
policy review, RBI does not consider which of the following – Repo Rate, Bank
Rate, Saving Bank rate? Saving Bank deposit rate

2. In case of a
failed ATM transactions (a/c debited but cash not dispensed), the turn-around
time (restoration of amount) fixed by RBI w.e.f. 1.10.19, is. Ans – T + 5

3. In case of an
illiterate customer, process of nomination requires witnesses by how many
persons? Thumb impression requires 2 witnesses.

4. In case of
counterfeit notes received in a deposit by a person with bank, FIR is not
lodged and only a monthly consolidated report is sent if counterfeit notes in
one remittance is up to: 4

5. In case of
insurance of deposits by DICGC, what is the premium sharing ratio between bank
and depositor? 100% of insurance premium is paid by the bank.

6. In case of
loan given by more than one bank under a consortium, how the asset
classification is done by various banks? Each bank will classify the account
depending on its record of recovery.

7. In case of
saving bank account, differential rates of interest may be provided for any
end-of day balance. Ans – exceeding Rs.1 lac

8. In case of
turnover method of financing, what will be the amount of bank limit and what
will be the borrowers’ margin: Limit is assessed at 20% of projected annual
sale turnover. Minimum margin to be stipulated based on projected annual
turnover – 5%


9. In FI who is
agent for bank. BC

10. In KCC, if
there is recovery tie-up, banks can consider waiver of collateral security for
a loan up to Rs. Ans -. Rs.3 lac

11. In Limited
liability Partnership what is the liability of partner? Amount agreed to be
contributed by partner at the time of joining partnership.

12. What are 4
P’s of Marketing?             Product,
Place, Price, & Promotion

13. In small
accounts, the account remains operational initially for a period of twelve months
which can be extended for a further period of, provided the account holder
applies and furnishes evidence of having applied for any of the OVDs during the
first twelve months of the opening of the said account: twelve months

14. In Stand-up
India scheme, % constitutes SC/ST members: 51%.

15. JAM stands for:
Jan Dhan, Aadhar, Mobile

16. Insurance
amount under Rupay card by NPCI is: Rs. 1.00 lac (Rs 2 lac for premium card)

17. Interest on
cash credit account other than under KCC is calculated –
fortnightly/monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly: Monthly.


18. Interest on

19. Interest on
domestic rupee savings deposits shall be calculated on. Ans – on daily product

20. Interest on
savings deposit shall be credited at intervals. quarterly or shorter

21. Interest on
savings deposit shall be credited at intervals. quarterly or shorter

22. Interest
rate derivative contract that involves exchange of interest payments on a
notional principal amount, on a future date, at agreed rates, for a defined
forward period. Forward rate agreement

23. Interest
rate futures based on any Rupee denominated money market interest rate or money
market instrument. Money market futures

24. Interest
rates on Saving Bank is decided by: Bank itself

25. Interest
subvention shall be admissible for any period during which the account remains
NPA – Yes/No. Ans – No

26. JLG member
range: 4 to 10

27. Kissan
Credit Card limit is sanctioned for a period of 5 years. 1st year limit is
sanctioned as . Ans – (area under cultivation x scale of finance) + 30%

28. LC wherein
the utilized amount under bill payment is reinstated: Revolving LC.

29. LEI: Legal
Entity Identifier India Limited– A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of The Clearing
Corporation of India Ltd.

30. Liability of
confirming bank in LC: Bank makes additional undertaking to make payment
under LC in addition to undertaking of issuing bank.

31. Life
Certificate of pensioners is taken in which month? November

32. Limit
sanctioned Rs 5 lac; Stock Rs 6 lac; Margin 25%; What will be Drawing power: Rs
4.5 lac

33. Limitation
period for execution of decree: 12 years. (For filing suit for financial
decree, it is 3 years)

34. Limitation
period for filling suit in respect of mortgage is: 12 years

35. Loan against
security of Life Insurance policy is given on the basis of: Surrender value.

36. Loan under
CGTMSE upto 5 Lakh coverage: 85% of amount in default.

37. Loans upto
which amount for artisans, village and cottage industries to be classified
under weaker sections: Rs. 1.00 lacs

38. Loss due to
inadequacy or failure of system, process, people or due to external events is
called: Operational risk

39. Main
difference between term deposit and Deferred payment guarantee is due to: Outlay
of Funds

40. Max amt for
tax saver FD: Rs 150000

41. Max loan
against shares in demat form: Rs 20 lakh.

One liner Questions and answers for Bank Promotion Exams (Set 2)

42. Max number
of members in SHGs – 20

43. Maximum
amounts of credit in a Small account in a financial year should not be more
than: Rs 100,000

44. Maximum
customer’s liability if reported within 4 days to 7 days. Rs……….. or
transaction amount whichever is lower Ans – 10000

45. Maximum
period for which FCNR(B) account can be opened: 5 years

46. Meetings of
Block Level Bankers’ Committee (BLBC) are held on basis, under Lead Bank
Scheme? quarterly

47. Money market
mutual funds are regulated by: RBI

48. Mortgage
which is created by deposit of title deeds is called: Equitable Mortgage

49. Name of
device used by Business Correspondents: Biometric device.

50. Net Working
Capital is represented as – (a) Current Asset minus current liabilities; (b)
Current asset minus stock; (b) Current asset minus current liabilities except
bank borrowings: Current Asset minus current liabilities

51. No Due
Certificate from the individual borrowers (including SHGs & JLGs) in rural
and semiurban areas for all types of loans including loans under Government
Sponsored Schemes, irrespective of the amount involved is not to be taken one
amount of loan is up to . Ans – not to be taken irrespective of amount of

52. Notice money
vary from 2 to day: 14 days

KYC (Know Your Customer) 30 MCQs on KYC Guidelines (Part 2) for Bank Promotion Exams

53. Now the
Non-Banking Financial Companies -NBFCs (which include housing finance
companies-HFCs) with assets worth at least Rs 500 crore can be taken for debt
resolution & liquidation proceedings under the provisions of the IBC, 2016.

LANGUAGE classified how many region: three regions

55. On a cheque
presented for payment, amount is written in words but all other items are
written in Regional Language. What should the bank do? Pay the cheque

56. Overdue of
loans from 61 to 90 days is: SMA2

57. Partners
liability – Joint and Several, Unlimited

58. Paying
Banker will get protection in case of payment of cheques under section 85 of N
I Act provided payment is made in: good faith and without negligence

59. Payment
banks accept deposits upto 1 lakh by: Only Saving and Current account

60. Period for
KYC updation on Low-risk customers: once in 10 years.

61. Periodicity
of R Return to RBI: Fortnightly or twice in a month on 15th and last day.


62. PMJDY is OD upto:
Rs. 10,000/-

63. PMMY Shishu
loans upto: Rs. 50000/-

64. Power of
Attorney is stamped under which act – Indian Contract Act; Banking Regulation
Act, State Stamp Act, Indian Stamp Act: State Stamp Act

65. Stand by
Letter of credit is just like: Bank Guarantee

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