Previous Years Recalled Questions for Bank Promotion Exams (Set 6)

 Previous Years Recalled Questions for Bank Promotion Exams
(Set 6)


1. What is the
rate of margin for general category beneficiaries in PMEGP? 10%

2. Which of the
following is material alteration? Changing order cheque to bearer cheque. 313.
In case of hypothecation which of the following is with borrower — (a)
possession of goods (b) ownership of goods: Both possession and ownership of
goods is with borrower.

3. Bailment of
goods as security for repayment of debt is called: Pledge.

4. What is the
liability of introducer in a bank account? To confirm identity and address of
account holder.

5. Which of the
following cannot become partner as per Supreme Court Judgement? HUF

6. Statement of
Tax Deducted at Source on interest on time deposits is required to be sent to
income tax authority at quarterly intervals on form 26Q. Within how much period
this statement should be sent for quarter ending Dec 31? Within 15 days from
the close of quarter i.e. up to 15 Jan.

7. For
signatures on Account opening form and photograph of customer on computer,
which of the following techniques is used — camera, scanning, copying:

8. Equitable Mortgage
is created by deposit of title deeds of property with the bank at notified
place. For this purpose, places are notified by which of the following? State

9. Which of the
following cannot be classified as priority sector advance: Educational loan of
Rs 15 lakh for education in India.

10. An
individual woman of 58 years has fixed deposit with bank and interest payable
in the financial year is more than Rs 10,000. But she wants that tax should not
be deducted at source. If she gives PAN No then on which form she is required
to give declaration in this regard? Form 15 G

11. Tax
deducted at source on interest on term deposits should be deposited with
Government within how much time other than in the case of TDS for March? within
7 days from the close of the month in which tax was deducted at source.

12. In case of
Farmers club program, assistance provided for Formation & maintenance
expenses, Awareness/ orientation meet, Meet with experts program are:
Rs.2000,Rs.5000 & Rs.3000 respectively.

13. What are
the cut off limit for investment in plant and machinery for classifying a unit
in manufacturing as Small and Medium enterprise? Upto Rs.5 crore and Rs.10

14. For making
advance to builders or contractors which method is used for assessing working
capital limit? Cash Budget Method.

15. What is the
maxium amount of guarantee claim under Credit guarantee Scheme for Micro and
Small Enterprises, (other than women beneficiaries and units located in NE
areas): Rs.150 lakhs

16. Which of
the following not covered under weaker section? Artisian, cottage and village
industry beneficiaries with limit up to Rs.2.OO lakhs. (covered if bank finance
up to Rs 100,000)

17. What is
interest payable by RBI on CRR balances maintained by banks? NIL

18. When a bank
purchases NPA from other bank, for how many days it will be treated as standard
in the books of purchasing bank: 90 days.

19. What is not
true about no Frill accounts? Attractive rate of return.

20. The
provision on Standard Asset is kept in the Balance Sheet as part of: Other
liability and provision.

Previous Years Recalled Questions for Bank Promotion Exams (Set 3)

21. Within how
much period loan applications of small enterprises for loans up to Rs 25000 and
Rs 5 lakh should be disposed off? As per time prescribed by Board of Directors
(earlier 2 week and 4 week).

22. In case of
loan to DRI, the maximum loan for productive purpose can be and housing loan to
SC/ST can be: Rs.15000 & Rs. 20000.

23. What is the
cost ceiling on project cost for coverage under Prime Minister Employment
Generation Program? Rs.25.OO lakhs for Manufacturing sector and Rs.10.OO lakhs
for Business sector & Service

24. Which among
the following is not a feature of LRS(Liberalized Remittance Scheme)? Bank can
give credit for remittance under LRS for capital transactions.

25. In
Consortium accounts, for taking action under SARFAESI, consent of how many
creditors required? 60% of creditors by value (earlier 75%)

26. Under KYC
guidelines what is the period for updating data in case of Low risk and Medium
and high risk category account holders? 2 years for high risk category, 8 years
for medium risk category and 10 years 

27. Under Basel
Ill, if there are three or more ratings accorded by chosen credit rating
agencies with different risk weights, the ratings corresponding to which risk
weights should be used? the second lowest risk weight.

28. While
sanctioning Term loan, which aspects you give maximum importance? Sufficient
cash flow for repayment of loan.

29. What is the
cut off limit of Education loan for coverage under Priority sector? Rs.10.00
Iacs in India; Rs.10 lakhs abroad.

30. What is the
maximum amount that can be remitted under Indo Nepal remittance scheme and for
how many times? Rs 50000 at one time and max 12 times in a year.

31. For filing
particulars of charge under companies act who is primary responsible? Company
and its officials.

32. Export bill
purchased under letter of credit, where it should be shown in the balance sheet
of company/borrower? Contingent liability.

33. As per the
provisions of Section 108 of the Indian Evidence Act, presumption of death can
be raised only after a lapse of years from the date of his/her being reported
missing: 7 years.

34. If FCNR
deposit is for more than 1 year what is the frequency of compounding of
interest? 180 days.

35. What will
happen if current liabilities are more than current assets? Net working capital
will be negative and firm may not be able to pay its creditors.

One liner Questions and Answers for Bank Promotion Exams (Set 3)

36. What is the
criteria for classification of accounts as NPA in case of loan under
consortium? On the basis of record of recovery by individual banks.

37. What is the
risk weight for investment in subordinated bonds of other bank: 100% exposure.

38. What is the
amount of stamp duty on a demand promissory note of Rs 100,000: 15 paise.

39. Certificate
of Deposit can be issued for minimum………..days and maximum period of . 7 days
and 1 year.

40. Full form
of FCCB: Foreign Currency Convertible Bond

41. Minimum
Maturity period of CP: 7 days

42. Maximum Maturity
period of CD: 1 Year.

43. Sec 49 (O)
of Representation of People’s Act deals with: A voter can exercise the option
of not voting for any of the contestant in Parliamentary or Assembly elections.

44. Raja
Chelliah is an economist and related with: Tax Reforms.

45. Total
number of digits in PAN No.: 10


46. In fund
flow statement, increase in liability is called: Sources of funds

47. The market
interest rate and price of a bond are: inversely related

48. What is
Credit Linked Note: It is a Derivative

49. If current
ratio remains same and quick ratio improves, what does it indicate? It
indicates sale of stock. The headline Inflation as we read in newspapers is
based on: Wholesale Price Index (WPI)

50. What is
real rate of interest? Nominal interest rate minus current inflation rate.

51. Minimum
period for which an asset has to be retained by the purchasing bank before
making further sale: 12 months from date of purchase. (Upto 31.3.14, the period
was 15 months)

52. The
validity of a cheque is 3 months and a Cheque becomes stale after 3 months from
date of issue as per: RBI w.e.f. 1.4.2012

53. Who can not
be appointed nominee in deposit accounts? Trust

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