1. A cheque dated 31sept 2018, is presented for payment to bank on 30 Sept 2018. What should the bank do?: Bank can pay the cheque if otherwise in order.

2. What is the maximum project cost under PMEGP: Rs 25 Lakh for manufacturing enterprises and Rs 10 Lakh for Service Enterprises.
3. What is the Current rate of CRR : 4% of Net Demand and Time Liabilities.
4. Profit before Tax – 120; Tax paid – 20; Annual Instalment of term loan – 70; Interest on term loan – 30; Depreciation – 20; What will be the Debt service coverage ratio: 1.5: 1


5. What is the full form of NPCI: National Payment Corporation of India.
6. In case of RRB, what is the target for financing agriculture as part of Priority sector: 18% of total advances. 
7. Banking is defined under which act: Banking Regulation Act
8. Which of the following is an Intangible asset – Stock, Machinery, Capital, Goodwill: Goodwill
9. What is the nature of charge created on Shares: Lien or Pledge
10. What is the maximum amount of loan that can be sanctioned under Stand up India Scheme: Rs 100 Lakh
11. When Net working capital will be negative: When Current Liabilities are more than Current Assets.
12. What is the amount of insurance under Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna: Rs 200,000
13. Which of the following is not Officially valid document for proof of ID: Ration card. 
14. As per Asset Classification norms, Loans are classified into how many categories: Four. Standard, Sub   Standard, Doubtful and Loss.
15. Debt Equity Ratio is 2:1; Long Term Liability 20; Loss – 2; What is Tangible Net Worth: 8 ( As Debt equity ratio is 2:1 and Long term liability is 20, net worth will be 10. Tangible net worth = Net worth minus intangible assets i.e. loss of 2)
16. After taking over possession of securities, the bank wants to sell the same. Before sale, how many days notice is required to be given to borrower and Guarantor: 30 days notice.
17. What is the relationship between bank and customer in case of overdraft?: Creditor and Debtor
18. When a crossing is called Special Crossing?: When name of a bank is written on the face of the cheque within or without two parallel lines.
19. What is the limitation period for execution of a court decree: 12 years.
20. On which of the following securities, charge cannot be created by hypothecation?: Shares
21. A loan has been given to a limited company against hypothecation of stocks. Company is required to get the charge registered with: Registrar of Companies.
22. Interest on Saving Bank deposits is paid at what interval – Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly: Quarterly or earlier.
23. Assets are classified into 4 categories. Three of these categories are – Standard, Sub Standard, Doubtful category. Which is the 4th category: Loss asset
24. What is the status of Nominee in case of deposits: He is trustee of legal heirs. 
25. When bank remits funds to RBI for deposit in DEAF Account: When account is not operated for 10 years.
26. When alongwith growing crops farmer undertakes rearing of Livestock, it is called: Mixed Farming.
27. What is the impact of inflation: Purchasing power of money goes down. 
28. What is the second stage limit under NRLM: 8 times the Savings and Revolving Fund with a minimum of Rs 2 lakh. 
29. As per RBI guidelines, the investments classified under HFT would be those from which the bank expects to make a gain by the movement in interest rates/market rates. These securities are to be sold within: 90 days 
30. A customer had given stop payment instruction to bank. But cheque was paid due to Bank’s mistake. Customer account should be credited within how much time: Immediately
31. Banks cannot grant loans against security of its own shares. This is as per: Section 20 of the Banking Regulations Act.
32. A bank is required to have four components of KYC Policy of the bank. Three of these components are – Customer Identification policy; Monitoring of Transactions; Risk Management. Which is the fourth one: Customer Acceptance Policy.Scale of Finance i.e. crop loan per hectare is decided by: District Technical Committee 
33. What is maximum amount of claim that can be filed with Lok Adalat: Rs 20 Lakh
34. In case of hypothecation, what type of possession with bank: Constructive Possession.
35. What is the relationship between Bank and Judgement Debtor when Garnishee order is issued: Debtor and Creditor
36. What is the rate of subsidy in PMEGP if loan is made to a SC/ST women in rural area: 35% of the project cost.
37. What will be the impact of reduction in SLR or CRR?: Liquidity will increase resulting in more funds available to banks for lending.
38. A cash credit or overdraft account becomes out of order when: DP is allowed on stock statement which is 3 months old or outstanding is more than limit sanctioned or drawing power or no credits in the account or credits are insufficient to recover the interest.
39. What is the maximum amount of loan that can be granted under Tarun category in the case of PMMY?: Rs 10 Lakh
40. What is balance sheet: Statement of Assets and Liabilities as on a date.

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